Biker Potts! The Princess of Wales Theatre - TO

Mrs Potts - Beauty/Beast

photo: JoanMarcus

"Beauty and the Beast" with Toni Braxton (Palace Theater, NYC)
Blue Champagne

"Beauty and the Beast" - NYC w/ James Barbour and Meeshac Taylor

Beauty and The Beast
Grizabella in "CATS" - Neptune Theatre Grizzabella (poster ceated by Todd Noel)
Grizabella - CATS

Marilla Cuthbert

Anne of Green Gables

Resume pic -1982

First ballet recital 1964!

Blue Skies

Jacques Brel

Pump Boys and Dinettes Pump Boys...

Les Miz with Frank MacKay

Fantine - Mes Miz

"Jacques Brel..." @ THe N.A.C. with Frank MacKay

Linda in "Pal Joey" - Theatre CalgaryLinda- Pal Joey


    Daisy Mae  '76               Kim McAfee  '77                    Polly Brown '78          L'il Abner                         Bye Bye Birdie                    The Boyfriend




Performance Videos:                          




           Janet MacEwen in concert                    Janet MacEwen as ‘Bird Woman’          

               with Alfie Zappacosta (PEI -2010)      performs “Feed the Birds.” National

               Photo by Doug Gallant                        Tour Company MARY POPPINS '11.

                                                                            ©Disney/CML. Photo by Joan Marcus